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Here you will find all the information about current projects i'm working on and previous ones too ...

Current & Past Projects

The Making Of A Monster

My Semi-Autobiographical piece THE MAKING OF A MONSTER was at Wales Millennium Center last year (2022)


"Too black for my white friends, but too white for my Black friends.

Growing up mixed race in Newport, I fell into a cloud of grey.

Absent Black father, ducking the police

Working out what it means to be a man.

I was struggling to find my place in the world and in danger of spiralling out of control.

Then one moment changed my life"

So strap in...

And lets gooo...

The Making Of A Monster (Radio Version)
Imison Award Winner 2023 


Connor is a bright, mixed race Newport teenager, but his life is in danger of spiralling out of control, fuelled by his confusion and despair over who he is and why his father is largely absent from his life. Autobiographical drama about second chances.



Adult Connor.....Connor Allen

Little Man.....Jace Henry

Teenage Connor.....Jailen O'Daim

Mum.....Siwan Morris

Jonny/ Operator.....Gabin Kongola

Dad.....Kev McCurdy

Form Teacher/ Trolley Lady.....Claire Cage

Police Officer/ Judge.....Dick Bradnum


Production co-ordinator......Eleri McAuliffe

Sound design.....Nigel Lewis

Directed by Emma Harding

Written by Connor Allen

As part of Music Theatre Wales' programme New Directions I have been collaborating with composer and artist Francesca Amewudah-Rivers on creating a short film around grief and the complexities we feel with grief, all whilst exploring what this could look like fused with opera.


The Forgiveness Of A Monster

The next instalment of the MONSTER trilogy The Forgiveness Of A Monster is currently being developed as part of the EXPLODE development programme at The Sherman Theatre.

'After walking through the door of forgiveness at the end of The Making Of A Monster, Connor now explores who he is and what forgiveness looks like when applied to the one person he never thought he could forgive'

Brewsters Billions 

A modernised stage adaptation for National Theatre Wales of the George Barr novel Brewsters Millions where the main character Monty Brewster has $1 million left to him by his grandfather in a will, but another relative plays a game where he must spend the $1 million in the first year with a set of stipulations or forfeit a $7 million inheritance.

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