Every experience is a potential life lesson.

Even if you don't appreciate it at the time.

Each struggle in the present is preparing you

for something else in the future.

Kevin Hart

This is me

Here you will find all things 'Connor' related... from my Acting work, to my writing material, to photos from previous productions and a blog I am working on.

Brief history... I was born and grew up in Newport. I went to university to study Acting in 2010. Graduated with a BA Honours degree in 2013 and over the last seven years I have had the privilege as a performer of working with some of the best people in the industry at some of the top companies.


(Check out my Acting CV for more)


I am still fairly new to writing, having discovered my passion for writing a few years ago when I wrote for an event called 'Stories of the Streetz.'

Since then I have been absolutely blessed to have been invited onto the Welsh Royal Court Writers Group and the BBC Welsh Voices Writers Group where I'm learning and developing even more.

I'm also super lucky to have the award-winning Kelly Jones and Bryony Kimmings as mentors and all round supportive QUEENS!

During which time I'm slowly but surely building and developed my writing and my talent.

(Check out my Writing CV for more)

If you would like to get in touch then please drop me a message :)

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I've started a blog where I write about my experiences and life lessons in the hope that it may offer a reader some hope, guidance, laughter or a combination of all.

Who knows?

 Happy reading...

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